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Welcome to the Cheltenham Premier T20 sponsored by Varistha Software Technologies and Shoe Gobbler, the most exciting cricket tournament in the region! The tournament features six teams: Cheltenham Spartans, Charlton Super Kings, Hatherley Hurricanes, Tewkesbury Royals, Dumbleton Dynamite and University of Gloucester Giants, all competing for cash prizes and the title of T20 county champions.

The brainchild of businessman and Cheltenham cricketer Sathya Prakash, the tournament adopts many of the features that have made the quickfire T20 format so popular around the globe. Teams wear coloured clothing and play with a pink ball, and there is music and razzmatazz to enhance the excitement of the matches.

The competition will replace the Arthur Bailey Challenge Cup, and the Gloucestershire Cricket Foundation has provided its support in principle. The six teams will play each other twice, home and away, with the top four going through to the semi-finals. Each team has registered 18 players before the tournament.

The prize money for the tournament has been confirmed, with £800 for the winners, £400 for the runners-up, and £200 for each participating team. There will also be £100 individual awards for the best batter, best bowler, best fielder, player of the tournament, and player of the final. The tournament's organiser, Sathya Prakash, is putting of his own money into the competition, and he has big plans for the tournament moving forward.

"We're looking to get sponsors on board," he said. "Next year we want to extend the competition to Gloucester and Bristol. I want to make it very big in the next few years with increased prize money. My ambition is to run a champion of champions with the ultimate winners being crowned T20 county champions."

The tournament promises to be an exciting display of cricketing prowess, and we encourage all cricket fans to come out and support their favourite team. Matches will be played on Tuesday evenings, and the tournament will start at the beginning of May, with the final taking place in the first week of July at Cheltenham Cricket Club.

We look forward to seeing you at the Cheltenham Premier T20 and hope that you will join us in celebrating the best of T20 cricket. Let's make this a tournament to remember!

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